Praise for A House Without Windows:

Nadia Hashimi has gifted the reader with an unforgettable lesson in human hardships and the will to survive with dignity."—Olga Davidson, PhD, Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations, Boston University

“More than just the Afghan Orange Is the New Black, Hashimi’s novel is populated by vibrant, complex characters and offers a piercing look at the lives of women in Afghanistan.”—Booklist

“As Hashimi slowly unveils the horror Zeba faced the day of his death, she masterfully builds tension, torquing sympathies to heart-wrenching levels…powerful.”—Kirkus

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One Half from the East

When Obayda's father can no longer provide for the family, she becomes the son he never had. The transformation from girl to boy comes with many freedoms but none of them permanent unless Obayda and her daring friend can find a way to make it stick.

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A House Without Windows

Zeba's quiet life as a loving wife, a patient mother, and a peaceful villager is shattered when her husband is found brutally murdered with a hatchet in the courtyard of their home. Thrown into prison for his murder, Zeba's future is in the hands of a twisted legal system, her estranged mother's black magic and the most unlikely friends.

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When the Moon is Low

Targeted by the Taliban, Fereiba is forced to flee Afghanistan with her three children. As they traverse borders under the cover of night, her adolescent son falls into the shadowy underground network of undocumented Afghans who haunt the streets of Europe's capitals. Mother and son struggle to reunite, and resurrect their lives.

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The Pearl that Broke its Shell

Two women separated by a century and connected by legacy, take on the guise of the opposite gender in Afghanistan. Rahima, a child bride to a warlord and Shekiba, a harem guard in the opulent a royal palace, struggle to redefine their destinies.

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